Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Road Trip!

K so this one day I went on a road trip to see my best friend because she had a new baby. So on the way up to Idaho I am driving along and look over and there is this cute boy in this little Honda Accord with his phone number in the window. I literally laughed out loud. So later I ended up writing my number on a paper and putting it in the window. He texted me and we discovered that he lives in Logan and is going to school at USU. And I of course was "too far away for dinner". But then the next text came in and he wanted to know if could take me to dinner in Idaho Falls. So I stopped and got him and we went to Smitty's. I thought for sure we would never see each other again. However, the next day he kept texting me. I was pretty surprised though. Long story short, we have become pretty close and this is a fun new thing. Dating can be fun and exciting... I didn't know! But life is, for the most part really good and turning corners is scary but I am still smiling!

I am still in school and trying hard to stay focused. It helps that I super love the classes I am taking right now. My professor is really strange, but he keeps life really interesting so I like it.

Gabe and Noah have joined the choir at school and seem to really love it. Gabe is such a good singer and Noah seems to have fun at whatever he tries. They are both also about to start soccer again also and so my days are about to get even more crazy. So anyone bored on a Saturday morning feel free to come watch my boys run!

Triston is talking better and has discovered the movie Toy Story! So now we have to take Buzz and Woody with us everywhere! Not my favorite part. But he is so cute. He is also getting a lot better at not throwing fits and listening. I however, have a hard time still not giving him what he wants! Some days it sucks to be the mom.

Scott is still such a huge part of me and us... and we (the boys and I) talk about him all the time and bring him with us wherever we go. Gabe sounds just like him and Noah looks just like him. So most of the day I just smile and laugh.

Thanks for all the love and support from all my friends and family. And to all the new people in my life too!

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Nick Paige & Josh said...

Good to hear from ya via the blogging world! The boys are getting so big! :)